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Kate Winslet's see-through artsy photos for Violet are magnificent

03.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She might not have won the Oscar this year, but Kate Winslet doesn't need to fret the small stuff. She's already got a little golden dude at home for her performance in THE READER, marking this past Oscar show a chance to show up and support longtime friend and sometimes co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio instead. So it probably doesn't matter that these shots from Violet magazine are just starting to fully emerge now, months after they originally appeared in the periodical. The magazines don't publish all of the shots that they take and such is the case for the first one here, where we get to drool over the outline of those famous mammaries of Kate's. She's never been shy about nudity during her career but she's definitely packing more in the cups over the course of her maternal life, having now had three children. Plus, these are rather pretty pics in general, of a woman who is as timeless as screaming "I'm the King of the World!" is every time you jump onto a shopping cart and glide through the grocery aisles with your arms out at 11pm. Or maybe that's just me. 


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