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Kate Winslet was in great shape at this year's TIFF

09.15.2015by: Droz

I've always counted Kate Winslet's round body type as one of her many positive attributes. I could never picture her as some bony thing. That said, when she squeezed in that 3rd kid with her 3rd husband a couple years back, it did worry me a bit. She ballooned up pretty big there for a while after that one. But it seems the Oscar-winner and personal favorite of mine has returned to fine form for her latest movie THE DRESSMAKER and its premiere at TIFF last night. Thick or thin, she's always been the best. I've had a thing for Kate for years, even before TITANIC when she was just an unknown indie actress doing as many an indie actress does, namely running around naked in many of her movies. Topless, full frontal, ass shots, it was all cool for her. That's a great way to implant yourself into the heart of young 20-something. Since then my love of Kate has endured. Yep, we're going to grow into old fogies together, which is to say completely separately but on similar timelines.

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