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Kate Winslet is the HOTTIE OF THE MONTH for April 2012

04.02.2012by: Droz

After a brief hiatus, we're back with a new HOTTIE OF THE MONTH for April, this time honoring the lovely and talented Kate Winslet. On the 15th anniversary of her breakout performance in TITANIC, Kate has gone on to mega A-list status, scoring multiple award noms and a shiny Oscar statue for herself for her performance in THE READER. Such a curvaceous, beautiful, talented and all around cool hottie deserves every honor she gets, thus the distinction of being in the exclusive club of ladies we chose to celebrate every month on our site. Our guy Seth Gecko has put together a video tribute for the lovely Ms. Winslet which you can check out below. Congrats to Kate for being as awesome as she is.


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