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Kate Upton's tight stripes look grrrreat at the Michael Kors fashion show

09.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I miss the pre-Fappening Kate Upton. Prior to having her intimate photos hacked and leaked, the bikini model was usually all ear-to-ear grins for red carpet events, enjoying herself like any other twenty-something who'd stumbled into fortune and fame simply by posing for a camera. She's beginning to show small bursts of happiness now that there's a bit of distance since the breach but we're not quite up to the formerly carefree Kate that we first fell in love with. I'm looking forward to the promotional tour that she's bound to go on with her co-star from THE LAYOVER, similarly well-endowed Alexandra Daddario. The two have appeared to had a great time filming the William H Macy directed film and the goofiness that Daddario can have seems to be elevating our Katie just a bit. By the time the red carpets roll out for that, we'll be treated to boobs, boobs and Alex's wild grin. And if the movie turns out to be good, then even better!
Source: Daily Mail


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