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Kate Upton's naked, painted body in 360 degrees

06.12.2013by: Droz
UPDATE: Unfortunately, the owner of these images didn't want them shared with the world, so they asked us to remove them from this article, which we have. Sorry folks!

Well here it is, the closest you're going to get to a naked Kate Upton at the current moment. These are some kind of test photos for the body paint she wore in her spread for Sports Illustrated earlier in the year. Just a thin layer of of paint separating you from what Kate is bringing to the table body wise. Kind of an interesting reality check on how magazines make a model's body look way better than it is. I wouldn't say that Kate looks terrible. There are far worse bodies out there. Still, compared to her fellow SI 2013 models, Kate's body is minor league at best. Back in the early days of her career (otherwise known as 2011), she was much more in shape. That was when she still had to work at being a model. Back before drooling idiots like myself tripped all over themselves to mentally slobber all over her tits. They are a great set of hooters, that's for sure. As for the rest of her, well, I wouldn't turn it down. Certainly not the kind of body you expect to see on an A-list model though. Just more evidence of the power of big tits.

Source: NSFW


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