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Kate Upton's boobs want out

11.16.2015by: No Cool Handle

I've been saying it's high time Kate Upton puts out some photos featuring much more boobage than she has been in recent months. One can only make assumptions as to what sparked this current embargo, but it's time for a return to the days of her giant bags making multimedia appearances on a semi-daily basis; apparently, her boobs agree with me. In this set of candid photos we see the ongoing, desperate struggle between freedom and oppression, as we watch her left tit attempting to escape the suffocating confines of it's flesh toned brassiere. I wish this young model would read that article about the debilitating effects bra's have on man's best friends (sorry to all you canines out there, but I'd much rather be petting those); especially with mounds as big as hers. If she doesn't let those things breathe, and, let her pectoral muscles do some of the heavy lifting; she could very well end up ruining those world-renowned flotation devices. Ok, instead of anymore euphemisms to describe her boobs, I'm going to end on a metaphorical quote by the endlessly quotable Morgan Freeman: "I have to remind myself some birds are meant to be caged; their feathers are just too bright".

Source: Got Celeb


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