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Kate Upton's bouncy lip sync battle will make your eyes sweat

04.21.2017by: No Cool Handle

For those who love nothing more than a beautiful pair of jiggling jugs, Kate Upton's hypersexual performance on Spike TV's Lip-Synch Battle will have you hitting replay for the rest of the day. Her dance moves may be lacking and her lips not fully synced, but I'll be damned if this wasn't Kate Upton's best delivery of boob bravado since her Cat Daddy video. I can't understand why this woman wastes so much time in between shaking a little something for the adoring public; she should be out there every day, on every talk show, doing countless interviews to promote the next impending bounce. Post jumping jack videos on social media, I don't give a f**k – so long as it's more and frequent. As an extra added bonus, included is a recent bikini photo Kate posted on her Instagram account, guaranteed to leave you with nothing but boobs on the brain for the foreseeable future.

Source: Spike TV


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