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Kate Upton packs her sexy booty into a tight pair of spandex

10.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

The most we've seen of Kate Upton this past year hasn't been on the cover of magazines or making limited appearances on film and television. No, sightings have mostly consisted of the curvaceous blonde engaging in all manner of physical fitness activities. On the tennis court and in the gym, the once queen of bikinis has been committed to keeping things tight and it shows. Not as popular for her caboose as she is for those legendary – and extremely large – breasts, Kate seems to be making a valiant effort to change that. I don't recall a time when that booty has looked quite as scrumptious as it does in this set of photos; there's more shape, more pop and it looks incredibly firm. She needs to get back in front of the lens wearing some skimpy swimwear – or preferably, lingerie. I'm sure there are many eager Kate Upton enthusiasts who want to see just how much all that hard work is paying off. Not to mention, it'd be nice to see her make an expectation shattering come back.

Source: NS4W


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