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Kate Upton looks too cute, and too skinny

04.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

Boobs are made up of things like tissue, capillaries, arteries, lymph nodes, ducts and ​fat. So when Kate Upton - a model who's built her entire career off of her huge tits - decides to lose more than a few pounds, those tits, are directly affected. "Nature rule Danielson, not mine." This is the plot from many superhero sequels like Superman 2 and Spider-Man 2, where our protagonist voluntarily give up their powers only to realize what everyone else already knows: they can't live without them. I sincerely hope it's that dress creating the illusion of significantly smaller boobs, but, we should prepare ourselves for disappointment just in case. I almost feel compelled to create a kick starter campaign; one where all of the proceeds go towards supplying Ms. Upton with a steady diet of donuts for the next couple of weeks. Watch the world unite after witnessing the miracle of resurrecting Kate Upton's tits back from the dead.

Source: NSFW


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