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Kate Upton is all business as she strolls New York & back into modeling

06.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Kate Upton fans, rejoice! The busty blonde beauty has officially declared that she is returning to modeling after taking a break to work on her acting resume and distance herself from the stress brought on by The Fappening hacks from 2014. Kate was looking newly svelte and happy as she strolled through New York to what one can assume is a meeting to get those contracts underway. Hopefully people will go easier on her, what with many first complaining that she was getting too thick and now claiming that she's gotten too thin. I was eager to see how she would continue to pan out as an actress, finding her adorable in THE OTHER WOMAN, but so far we have yet to see her collaboration with fellow bodaciously endowed, Alexandra Daddario, THE LAYOVER, get a proper release. 
Source: Daily Mail


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