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Kate Upton has a feisty moment on the set of The Layover

05.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I tend to trust Bill Macy. Pretty much everything he's ever been in has a finer quality simply because of his presence, from the more recent "Shameless" to classics like FARGO and PLEASANTVILLE (heck, he even made the scenes he was in in WILD HOGS less painful). So I'm going to trust him as a director even though I haven't seen RUDDERLESS yet and despite people whining about him casting Kate Upton in THE LAYOVER. Macy is a wise man who clearly knows what he's doing by featuring one of the best known big breasted models with one of the best loved nude-scene actresses, Alexandra Daddario, in a girl-buddy movie. In fact, I'm proud of him for making this female-centric film in the midst of so much sexism preaching right now. Yes, there are not enough movies with sole female leads doing things other than trying to land a dude, but at the same time - MAKE the movies you think should be made then. Don't bitch about it and then do all that fake publicity for some lame rom-com you just finished. (And for the record, Kate was perfectly adorable in THE OTHER WOMAN, even if that flick was screechy and nearly intolerable as a whole.
Source: Daily Mail


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