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Kate Upton gets tired of the bullsh*t

03.19.2015by: Droz

Kate Upton speaks about being essentially fed up with the internet in her latest interview with The Edit, condensing the value of social media down to, as she puts it, "kind of bullshit." I'm not surprised she feels that way. The internet hasn't exactly been nice to Kate, nor many of her famous compatriots. Beyond the normal haters any famous person gets, it seems Kate is one of those unfortunate celebs who truly polarizes opinions about her to an extreme degree. Folks either want to kill her or bang her, leaving very little room for middle ground perspectives. I still somehow manage to stay on the fence about Kate. Yes, she has great tits and I like her playful personality. And there are times when she is pretty, like in this spread. I still don't think she deserves the media frenzy she receives.

I suspect a lot of her proliferation is people behind the scenes being charmed by her personality. The Sports Illustrated people, for instance, seem especially enamored with her. If you watch her BTS Swimsuit videos, you see a girl that really loves to be playful and entertain everyone. Who wouldn't want to work with an upbeat person like that? Plus, she's gets her tits out a lot for them. That sounds like an effective ice-breaker if I ever heard of one.

Source: The Edit


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