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Kate Upton gets a good work out in sheer leggings

12.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

Before we begin commenting on Kate Upton's tight ass in sheer spandex, let's take a brief moment to point out the absurdity of a drive-in gym; a convenience for the lazy, unbecoming of those who put so much effort into staying fit by remaining active. Although, it doesn't appear Kate needs the extra steps it would take to get from the parking lot to the gym's interior. Judging from her receding bust, the once voluptuous blonde has lost more weight than needed, working too hard to reduce fat in the remarkably large mounds that made her famous. As for a healthy lifestyle byproduct that belongs in the plus column: her booty looks better, tighter and tastier than ever, just not enough to erase the memory of larger breasts from our mind. Checking out a few stills of Kate Upton hiking up those pink leggings over her slightly visible ass – if you squint, you can see some flesh tones– affords her a brief continuance, until we can we can properly deliberate over her diminishing tits. Something I'd prefer to do after a set of photos is released that shows us just how much loss we have to cope with.

Source: NS4W


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