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Kate Upton celebrates her 24th birthday ass out

06.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

For a model who built a career on making those now famous tits the focus of attention, it's a refreshing change of pace to see the off-the-market blonde's ass take center stage. Sorry, the fiance made his way into the bulk of this set. Such an infraction usually leads me to bypass a post, but these images were too, too sexy. It's been a while since Kate Upton has made such a brazzen public apperance. Come to think of it: I don't recall an instance where she showed up anywhere with her ass fully exposed -- I wish she'd do that with her tits. I figured enduring the boy toy, and his shit eating grin, is a realativly small price to pay for some tantalizing views of Upton's arse. I don't know of many who go so far out of their way to celebrate a 24th birthday, but I guess when you're rich, sexy and eccentric, every birthday is your 21st. Whatever gets her back in the skin game, right?

Don't miss the near lip slip in the first pic!

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