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Kate Upton bouces back in Love Advent

01.12.2017by: No Cool Handle

​Kate Upton and her fan-flopping-tastic tits have returned for a game of hide and seek in Love Advent's final video. After so much time spent concealed from the public, I do believe Kate's feature should have focused a little less on the hide and a little more on the seek, but there's enough of Ms. Upton's massive cleavage to remind us why we fell in love with her in the first place. Her fitness fixation had me worried the dramatic reduction of body fat would include side effects such as smaller boobs. And while there have been moments in Kate's career when they've most definitely been bigger, those bouncy meal tickets have maintained enough mass to keep big boob lovers satisfied. Her appealing effervescence is also used to great effect; another reason you may find yourself playing this video on loop. I love it when a hottie is clearly enjoying showing off her body, don't you? Throughout the 90 second runtime Kate Upton remains in high spirits; easy to do now that she's back in her comfort zone.

Source: Love Magazine


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