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Kate Mara is doing her part for the cute redheads at fashion week

03.11.2015by: Droz

As I said before, all the fine women are in Paris right now. Amongst them Kate Mara, who fashioned herself as something of a shop girl bomber pilot. Hey, it works for her. Not much doesn't. Have all my fellow House of Cards fans finished season 3 yet? Gotta say, it made me nostalgic for the first season. I enjoyed the dynamic between Francis and Kate's character Zoe and not just for moments like those below - although those were quite good.

I don't know, this season just didn't feel right. Some have said that it's less about Francis scheming and plotting his way to the top and more about him dealing with the usual Washington gridlock. Didn't quite make for the same kind of delicious scandal, intrigue and deception as was rife in the first two seasons. Oh well, there's no going back. Francis made sure of that with that unfortunate subway train. But hey, how about casting Rooney Mara for season 4, playing Zoe's investigative reporter sister who comes to Washington determined to expose Francis for his murderous deeds. Hmmm, that could be very interesting.

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