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Kate Mara made some kid's day a bit more fantastic at Apple Store event

08.05.2015by: Cherry Liquor
The fact that I hate her new pixie haircut aside, Kate Mara couldn't have been more adorable as she stopped to take a picture with a young fan while she and the rest of the cast from the new FANTASTIC FOUR movie were doing a promotional event at the big Apple Store in New York. While the kid struggled to get his nerves under control to take the selfie with the new Invisible Woman, Mara took over, shushing the crowd and planting a kiss on the ecstatic kid's cheek. As for her movie, while some are dissing it before they've even seen it (and I have my issues as well), I'm going to be spending money to see it. The reason is simple - Miles Teller has done no wrong in my book so far and I want to see if he can continue to the streak. The fact that he's 4 years younger than Kate when his character is supposed to be 6 years OLDER than hers? Yeah, that's one of those issues.
Source: Daily Mail


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