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Kate Mara looks sexy in stripes for 29 Rooms fashion week event

09.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Anytime Kate Mara is wearing something slightly revealing, I can't help but take notice; it's one of those take whatever you can get situations. While she has shown a willingness to sexy things up in some fairly racy photo shoots, recently, fleshy Kate Mara photos are something of a rarity. Luckily, she has an extremely attractive lid, upping these conservative photo's appeal. Either she's not interested in the kind of unmitigated attention she would receive by putting a little more skin in the game, or she's carefully, and slowly, picking her moments. Where does that leave all of the Kate Mara enthusiast, dying to see if she looks as hot in full frontal shots as her sister Rooney? A state of wishful limbo, that's where. She needs to lay off the kind of big blockbuster, supporting roles we've seen her in. Maybe if she went for a leading role in some indie/art-house film – those are the kind of movies that usually require a bit of boob-bearing – we'd have something for the Hottie Clips section.

Source: ns4w


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