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Kate Mara looked rather perky at the 2016 SAG Awards

02.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know what was in those drink glasses at the 2016 SAG Awards but I certainly want me a few sips. From the encounter that 69-year old Susan Sarandon had with Kate Winslet's cleavage covering hand (I would have had a grin even bigger than Michael Shannon's):

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All the way to the moment that "The Big Bang Theory"'s Johnny Galecki got a good eyeful of Kate Mara's bountiful sideboob, it was mammary central at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday night.

Mara was accompanied by her sister Rooney Mara, who also donned a sideboob-baring Valentino gown for the evening. (Not that she had as much as Kate to show off, but sideboob is sideboob.) I didn't watch the show although it wasn't out of some solidarity for any award show politics... I simply forget that it's on or what channel it airs on. Catching up a day later with all of the gossip posts is more fun anyhow, right?

Source: Daily Mail


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