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Kate Mara dressing down and living it up while vacationing in Cabo

05.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

These Kate Mara bikini pics may not be as clear as an unmuddied lake, dear brothers, but it is still Kate Mara, and she is wearing a two piece; a little eye strain is a small price to pay. This looks like the same bungalow in Cabo where Danielle Campbell was caught top down last week. Is this the go to spot for hotties who intend to be caught? Pictures of Mara's uncovered body are far to infrequent, although, for the life of me, I can't figure out why. From what can be seen behind the lens blur and pixilated imperfections, that is one hell of an appetizing frame she has there. Why [then] is she so adamant about keeping it under wraps? After the whole Fantastic 4 debacle, exploiting those assets would have been the best way to do a little damage control. Nope, not even a career threatening mega-flop could spook the clothes off of her. Thankfully, our fairly lax privacy laws paved the way for some Kate Mara sexiness.

Source: ns4w


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