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Kate Hudson rocks some booty at the Kasbah premiere

10.20.2015by: Droz

There was a time when I would have argued that Kate Hudson's most enduring quality was that angel face that made her a star. But it seems that's one area where Kate didn't quite take after her mom, who managed to hang onto her similarly angelic face well into mid life. Kate pretty much looks like someone in her late 30s now, which isn't exactly a sin. However, what it does seem to imply is that Kate can no longer rest on her laurels where cuteness is concerned. Which might be why she's been amping up the sexually provocative content. Lots of skimpy dresses and/or tight shit finding its way onto her bod lately. Take this dress Kate wore for the ROCK THE KASBAH premiere last night. Either there's some conniving padding happening on dat ass or Kate has been doing some serious squats. Whatever the case, her ass here is a more than adequate consolation for the loss of any fresh facedness from days passed.

Source: NSFW


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