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Kate Hudson is perfectly angled for a nice collection of backside shots

09.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Isn't it wonderful how a mundane activity like parking your car can turn into a sexy moment for some opportunist photographer? A testament to Kate Hudson's enduring hotness, is it not? In this day and age, a hottie of her stature isn't safe from an overbearing profession like celebrity bird-dogging, even while pulling into a parking lot. And to be fair, a perfectly formed ass like Kate's is a valuable commodity. Gas prices may be low, but pictures of the this everlasting MILF's backside is a steadily growing market – always has been; rock solid – just ask Warren Buffett. One day when Kate Hudson is 55 years old and that booty just ain't what it used to be – sadly, time gets to everybody – the bubble may burst. But were not betting on futures, here. It's all about the present – and at this moment in time, Kate's ass makes the market.

Source: Popoholic


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