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Kate Hudson is in the mood to show off

04.30.2015by: Droz

After years of adopting the wholesome mom and wife bit in much of her magazines, movies and in her everyday appearance, lately it seems like Kate Hudson has decided a more showy, slutty vibe is now her style. That's what it looks like anyway, based on images like these of Kate in public wearing tiny cutoffs and skin tight body tights that aren't leaving much about the contours of her anatomy to the imagination. I suppose that's a good thing, however the time for that kind of thing was back when she wasn't teetering on 40. Kate has her mom Goldie Hawn's genes, so she could have another 20 years of viable hotness coming to her. But like I said, the earlier they can get that kind of content in, the better. Kate was off to a real great start there back in the day, but something seemed to interfere and almost removed her from most people's hottie radar entirely. It's gonna take a lot of effort to get back. I hope she can pull it off. I've always enjoyed Kate. She deserves another chance to show us what she can do.

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