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Kate Hudson invites you to look over her Shape

05.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

You can't help but acknowledge K​ate Hudson's ability to stay relevant. The amount of sexy content - manifesting on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis - featuring this resilient hottie is staggering. These past few month's we've seen her in everything from revealing red carpet walks, steamy photo shoots and frequent candids, all wearing outfits that guarantee mass attention. Shape magazine has been paying attention, making the wise (or obvious) decision to feature the 37 year old MILF's boner inspiring attributes in their current issue. No sexy/fun anecdotes to be found in her interview, though; just a bunch of fitness regimen malarkey. But wait till you see the companion video, documenting - in detail - Kate Hudson's barely covered form in  fully animated, HD action while on set. Enjoy!

Source: shape


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