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Kate Hudson has so much fun in Hawaii, she nearly loses her bikini bottom

05.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While some of us spent this past Memorial Day working (hey, writing about tits and ass is great work!) the majority of Hollywood celebs were out spending time in the sun, giggling and posting images to their social media accounts. And if you're Kate Hudson, you take your rom-com money and rent a yacht out in Hawaii, grab up Amy Schumer because she's every famous skinny chick's favorite DUFF right now and do some mega cannonballs into the big blue ocean. Kate has always been a lady of the two-piece, keeping that trim MILF body of hers in tip-top shape by working it to its limits and apparently fearing nothing. As much as I can claim I'm a good swimmer, I'm not an out-in-the-ocean kind because there's just too many shark tales being told and f*ck that, I don't have a little boat to be declaring that I need a bigger one.
Source: Pop Sugar


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