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Kate Hudson can barely keep her panties contained

05.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

Celebrity babes like Kate Hudson always reserve the sexier outfits for the after party. During her arrival at last weeks MET GALA after party, she found herself at odds with her alternate, and super-sexy, attire; a far less conservative, far less compliant gown than the one worn to the main event. Apparently, Kate and the belligerent evening wear couldn't peacefully find common ground over how much of her panties should be seen by the public, resulting in a battle of wills that lasted almost the entire duration of her entrance. There are no reports on whether or not the altercation continued throughout the night, disrupting the evenings pleasantries, but rumors may still arise. While I admire Kate's noble fight against indecency, I found myself siding with the dress. These kind of alliances form when agendas and/or interests align.

Source: NSFW


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