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Kate Bosworth models her big ears, talks marriage in Marie Claire

02.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I actually adore the way that Kate Bosworth has never tried to hide her flaws, from the startling contrast in her two differently colored eyes to the way her ears stick out like Dumbo in full flight. It's just part of what makes her so charming and approachable as an actress. After seeming to melt away into the shadows for a few years, Bosworth is reemerging again with a stand-out role in STILL ALICE, and has been taking her time settling into her marriage to director Michael Polish. (His debut movie, TWIN FALLS IDAHO, made with brother Mark Polish, is one of the greatest odd/sad/intense indie movies I've ever watched.) Kate gave this glowing explanation of knowing that he was "the one" in Marie Claire's accompanying interview. "It hit me, at about a million miles an hour—I almost fell off my chair. They always say, 'You know when you know,' and I had found that quite frustrating my whole life. I thought, yeah, but how do you really know? But it's true—he walked in and it hit me, like nothing I'd ever felt before. Meeting Michael honestly felt like coming home. It feels comfortable and secure and also exciting."
Source: Perez Hilton


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