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Kate Beckinsale's simple elegance wowed at the London Critics Circle

01.23.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Leave it to Kate Beckinsale to wear a kimono-style dress that's essentially just a fancy muumuu robe and still look like a million bucks. For the 2017 London Critics Circle Film Festival, the UNDERWORLD star showed off some tanned cleavage and a bit of leg while she smiled for the cameras, soaking up the love that people have for her even if they can't be bothered to spend much money going to see her movies at the box office. (I shouldn't say that, UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS might not have made back its $35 million dollar budget in the states, having pulled in only $17 mil domestically, but the foreign market has done over $46 million, so we should be safe for yet another stab at vampire excellence from the otherwise limited-in-talent actress.) She might not get any awards for playing that ageless bloodsucker but she did picked up a favorite British/Irish actress award for her role in LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, a film that even fewer people saw but apparently was good enough to find a reason to recognize Kate for more than just her appearance.
Source: Daily Mail


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