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Kate Beckinsale's high standard of beauty at Underworld: Blood Wars premiere

12.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

Still more than a month out from the U.S. release of UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS and already we're seeing Kate Beckinsale making the premiere rounds, this time in Mexico City and wearing a dress that's truly a treat for the eyes. The red fabric crisscrossing her beautiful bust brings to mind a giant Christmas bow just waiting to be untied. I admit to not being excited for the next installment in the UNDERWORLD franchise, the polar opposite to my hyper-charged enthusiasm for Kate, but I'm glad they are keeping the steely blue movies coming; anything that ups her number of sexy public appearances. I much prefer my Beckinsale under warm lighting with a genial disposition to match, not the brooding, aggressive, gothed-out killer the character calls for – but hey, that's me. I know there's many out there who are stimulated at the site of this hottie decked out in leather and lace, and I get it. The good news is there's enough content circulating around the web to have Kate Beckinsale anyway you like her. No matter what you prefer, you'll enjoy this particular look.

Source: NS4W


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