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Kate Beckinsale won the award for greatest hottie ever made

02.24.2016by: Droz

You gotta read that headline with your best Ricky Bobby impression. Truth be told, Kate Beckinsale didn't get an award at this costume designer award thing. She was just handing one out. She looks good enough to win a prize though. Hell, Kate is the prize. They could easily forego the whole trophy bit and just award the winner Kate. Best award ever, made even better when she's wearing something super hot like the dress she's got on here, with the lace all up the back. What a woman she is. Seems like Kate is coming out of her post-break up malaise. She's smiling and glowing again, looking very happy and at peace with herself. You know what that means? Yep, Kate's got her groove back. So look out, Hollywood players. It wouldn't surprise me if she's in the market for a new beau some time soon. What I wouldn't give to be a guy on her radar screen. She would be bliss. Sheer bliss.

Source: NSFW


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