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Kate Beckinsale rocks the jeans almost as well as she does a giant penis

07.11.2016by: Droz

Yes, Kate Beckinsale did hit the streets in NYC wearing some sexy jeans. Certainly a good enough reason to talk about her here once again. However, the more interesting, if not confusing Kate moment of the last few days was when she posted a pic on Twitter of herself in a giant penis costume.

Kate Beckinsale in a penis costume

Yep, that happened. I have no further details for you about exactly why she was dressed as a giant dick. Kate is known to have a penchant for making naughty jokes with various people in her life. For instance, she gets a laugh out of sending naked pics of her ex, actor Michael Sheen, to their daughter. Maybe this is one of their playful little back and forths. Or maybe Kate is delivering a not at all subtle message to her recently estranged husband, director Len Wiseman, about the size and quality of the available penises she can now choose from, considering she's Kate Beckinsale and all. I picture Kate now living a life not unlike Madeline Kahn's Empress Nympho from HISTORY OF THE WORLD PART 1 when she selects her orgy participants for the evening.

Source: NSFW


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