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Kate Beckinsale sells the vampire lifestyle with a smile

01.05.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I don't have anything personal against Kate Beckinsale but I'm kinda tired of seeing her all over the place right now simply because I know that UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS is going to be a shitty movie at the very best. We've been on the trail of Becks and her return to the role of Selene for a couple of months now, which is great for those of you who never tire of the ageless British beauty but why couldn't it be for something even .005% interesting? I know the lady can't act but how about some mature divorcee action in one of those finding yourself during middle age dramedies where you get some bare ass action? Something, anything other than the fifth movie from a series of movies that were shitty from the very start. I'd even settle for a middling rom-com. Seeing her all the time for a crap enterprise is like getting dressed up in couture before taking a shower, utterly wasted.
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