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Kate Beckinsale rises above all criticism

01.18.2016by: Droz

The critics were choosing all their favorite movies and moviestars last night for yet another award show stroke session. It's amazing, we've only just begun with this award season shit and I'm already bored to tears with it. That stupefaction seems to kick in earlier and earlier each year. The only thing that has any hope of knocking me out of my award show blues is a pretty face and/or a hot body, both of which Kate Beckinsale was rocking at this year's Criric's Choice awards. As usual, she was the most exciting, brilliant creature in the room. I'll never understand how a guy could part with a beauty like her. I know behind every beautiful woman is a guy who's sick of her shit. Still, all you gotta do to get past that with Kate is to make a point of catching her coming out of the shower. That's gotta put any pet peeves and gripes in their proper perspective.

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