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Kate Beckinsale looks lickably delicious in her Dreamsicle dress

04.26.2016by: Droz

Whatever issues may have arisen due to Kate Beckinsale's recent relationship unpleasantness have clearly dissipated, for I've rarely seen Kate look more radiantly beautiful than she was at the Newport Beach Film Festival, where she was showing her movie LOVE & FRIENDSHIP. I know Kate can act when need be, but she's not that good. She must have a new guy in her life. Good for her and especially good for him. No wait, screw that guy. I hate his guts. Anyway, Kate's going back to her roots as an actress, doing period English movies based on Jane Austen stories. I love me some Kate, but I can't get into anything Jane Austen. She's just not speaking to dudes with her stories. Which is fine, although Kate sticking with movies like those does make it tough to see as much of her on the big screen as I might like. I suppose it's a trade off situation. We can either get Kate in miserable shit shows like TOTAL RECALL, or not get Kate in potentially gratifying literature adaptations like this new movie. What to do? I guess I'll go with the one which helps her out the most. Anything to make her smile the way she is in these pics.

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