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Kate Beckinsale looks her best when she's not trying

03.03.2017by: Droz

We usually think of Kate Beckinsale as an elegant symbol of refined sexuality, so classy and sophisticated in the way she brings her innate hotness to the various gala events. All of that is true of Kate, though only occasionally. What's much more common with her is the ensemble you see Kate wearing here as she came from a trip to the local Barnes & Noble book store. This is her everyday gear. It consists of the white wife beater, black camel toe leggings, and biker boots. She wears this constantly, so much that I have to wonder if Kate is more like my lazy-dressing self than I ever imagined. It's not unheard of for me to throw on the same pair of jeans or cargo shorts 3 or 4 days in a row. Or walk around in the same t-shirt for a whole weekend. I'd never considered Kate capable of such slothful indulgences before. Yet after seeing her in this same outfit time and time again, I have to consider the possibility she and I are far more simpatico than I ever dared hope. Too bad we're still on opposites of the hotness scale. I'd give anything to not give a shit with Kate.

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