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Kate Beckinsale looks amazing both coming and going

09.08.2016by: Droz

Looks like Kate Beckinsale has developed a routine with what I can only assume is some kind of workout. She comes out of her place wearing the same stuff pretty much everyday, consisting of some sort of sleeveless top and super tight leggings which highlight perfectly her sweeter than sweet ass. Perfect bodies like Kate's don't come easy, but staying fit has never been a problem for her despite the challenges inherent there. She's been one of the more consistent sources for elegantly shaped physiques pretty much from the start. That's like 3 decades of bullet proof hotness still going strong. I'd like to give Kate a congratulatory pat on the ass for the effort she shows there, but I don't feel like being tackled by security and slapped with a court date. So I guess I'll just continue to admire her booty from afar. It is a lovely view.

Source: NSFW


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