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Kate Beckinsale is wearing leather pants again, you know, in case you're interested...

07.05.2012by: Salacious Crumb

Let us all bow down and worship the holy greatness that is Kate Beckinsale's black leather trousers. Thanks to Glamour UK, we get our second serving within a week of Kate's heavenly legs being squeezed into leather sleeves. Too bad they haven't heard of an over-the-shoulder pose before, but I suppose her backside has gotten enough attention this week (I'm lying to myself). Sometimes I feel like I'm looking into the universe when I'm engaged in that shiny but dark visual abyss. Beckinsale will definitely be popping up more as TOTAL RECALL reaches it's long-awaited release, so instead of yapping on about her, I'd like to report about leather pants. Stories tell us that the Spartans and Robin Hood were among the first to wear leather, but the first version of full-on black leather knickers were invented in Germany and were called "lederhosen" which translates to "sadly breeches". They were the first "black leather" pants but were cut off right below the knee because were made for working the fields. When motorcycles were invented, leather jackets were blowing up, and with that came fully leather attire. Along with the Fonz, "Happy Days" also featured the popular characters Leather Tuscadero and her sister Pinky, who wore black and pink leather pants. Once the 80's goth and black metal bands came, black leather pants began to be more embraced by a mass. Then once everyone realized how silly that was, they went out of style for some time, although they were still used in the bedroom. In 2003, UNDERWORLD came out and the lovely Kate Beckinsale brought attention and a whole new appreciation for the product. Cheers, Kate!


Extra Tidbit: That last image, from Maxim, is just for kicks. You're very welcome.
Source: NS4W


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