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Kate Beckinsale in a see thru gown will always be the best choice

12.12.2016by: Droz

I kinda feel out of the loop when it comes to Kate Beckinsale's latest UNDERWORLD movie. It's already come out in various places around the globe, but we here in the US don't get to see it until January. I guess this is how the rest of the world must feel about movies. The States tend to get all the movies first. Everyone else gotta wait. It's cool though, as I don't have anything like a baited breath situation when it comes to a new UNDERWORLD movie. The rest of the world can have all the first dibs on that they want.

As for Kate, she's not been too hard to find lately anywhere. Be it premieres for her new movie, or events like the Critics' Choice awards, or just coming back from the gym, we've had a ton of Kate to enjoy in the last few months. I think we can all agree there's no such thing as too much Kate. That goes double for Kate showing off the boobage in a see thru dress. I'll take as much of that as she can dish out and still come back for seconds.

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