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Kate Beckinsale in a form fitting dress for Love and Friendship Premiere

05.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

Normally I'd be quick to dismiss a movie titled LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP. Even though I was aware it's adapted from a prestigious author like Jane Austen, the title sounds derivative; they should have stuck with Lady Susan. Luckily, for the always lovely Kate Beckinsale, the early buzz has been resoundingly positive – Amazon is really swinging for the fences when it comes to producing media. And when they have a world-renowned beauty like Kate Beckinsale promoting it in formfitting attire, those outside the targeted demographic take notice. While these may not be the most revealing Beckinsale photos, it's way better than no Beckinsale photos. The British babe looks as beautiful as she did when first introduced to the world, maybe even better, and it's good to see her as the lead in a quality film. Maybe we can all finally put the Total Recall remake behind us.

Source: ns4w


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