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Kate Beckinsale hits the streets an official divorcee in a see thru bustier

10.27.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure when one becomes an official divorcee. Is it after the terms and the court proceedings are concluded? Or is it when the papers are filed with the court? I don't know. Whatever the rules, Kate Beckinsale is now involved with her second divorce process. What's truly astonishing about this is how her estranged director husband did the initial filing. I guess that proves anyone can become an annoyance given enough time.

Still, you'd think a man with an even moderately functional sex drive would put an unbelievable amount of effort into trying to patch things up with the likes of Kate Beckinsale. They talk about distance making the heart grow fonder. Wouldn't a few weeks without her perfect everything eventually drive any sane man back to her arms? Apparently not for this Len Wiseman guy. He doesn't sound that wise to me.

Oh well, to hell with him. Kate's on the prowl and certainly seems to be doing some advertising, if this see thru bustier thing is any indication of her thought processes. Some lucky guy is in for a truly memorable life experience when Kate chooses him to be her rebound man.

Kate Beckinsale see thru bustier

Source: GCeleb


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