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Kate Beckinsale goes all out for the BAFTA garden party

06.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

Has there ever been a moment captured where Kate Beckinsale doesn't look her best? Is there ever a time when she looks anything short of stunning? Is there ever an event she attends where she doesn't steal attention away from every other beautiful woman there, young and old? No, no and no. And it probably doesn't end there. It's not difficult to imagine the beautiful Brit rolling out of bed at 5 AM in morning after an evening of drinking cheap tequila and eating oysters past their expiration date, on not but two hours of sleep, and still look ready for a Cosmopolitan cover shoot; that's her unique gift. It's the reason why while most hotties just come and go, Kate Beckinsale has, and will continue to endure. Just check out the images she created while making an appearance at the 2016 BAFTA garden party, full of radiance and cleavage they are. Like many out there, I'm not sure what the full implications of England leaving the EU are. I just hope it doesn't have any affect on the importation of hot British babes like Kate Beckinsale here to the U.S.

Source: Superior Pics


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