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Kate Beckinsale finds it hard to lay off that skin tight leather

08.22.2016by: Droz

Filming has wrapped on the new UNDERWORLD movie, BLOOD WARS. I'm sure Kate Beckinsale is happy about that. Not only are these movies essentially a paycheck for her, but they also come with memories, unpleasant or otherwise, of both her exes, the most recent one being the former director of these movies and the first being her co-star. These movies don't evoke particularly good memories for me either. With all due respect to Kate and her long history with this franchise, I think they pretty much said everything that needed to be said with the first UNDERWORLD. Subsequent movies have been little more than obvious cash grabs, with diminishing returns at each new sequel. I'm not sure how this new one will fair. Probably about as well as the last one. However, they've brought back the patent leather body suit for Kate's character, which is at least one right decision.

Kate Beckinsale Underworld Blood Wars BTS

Old habits seem to be hard to break for Kate, as evidenced by her parking lot walk into a restaurant the other night. She does justice to the whole idea of tight leather pants. Kate would do justice to a potato sack as well, but leather is always a good choice with her. An even better choice for Kate is a negligee, worn to bed. That's the stuff of fantasies come true.

Kate Beckinsale in Bed

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