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Kate Beckinsale does magazine covers by day, single lady partying by night

04.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor

While she's not yet legally divorced, it seems as if Kate Beckinsale is living the life of the newly single these days. Beckinsale was recently seen palling around with another newly divorced hottie, Paula Patton, who put ink to paper on her marriage to Robin Thicke just last April and has clearly moved on, sporting a big grin and lots of leg on the night she spent out with Kate. Kate might have separated from from director husband Len Wiseman last November but her style is indicating that she's not yet ready for something new after her 11-year marriage. Kate covered up with lots of clothing as well as a hand when she noticed that the paps were taking pictures, unlike Paula who broke out into a big grin.

Kate is also the featured hottie for this month's issue of LA Confidential where she explained a bit about her lack of partying. "Once I'm out, I usually have a nice time. It's just the going in which I have to be kind of forced." As for her ongoing part as Selene, the badass vampire of the UNDERWORLD series of films, Kate had this to say, "I'd never fired a gun or thrown a punch. It still doesn't feel like my comfort zone. I still feel like a huge fraud in that area. There was something that was very liberating about having to become very, very good at stuff very quickly, with no experience."

The latest installment in the franchise, UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS, directed by Anna Foerster, is due out this coming October. 

Source: Daily Mail


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