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Kate Beckinsale brings her perfect living booty to New York

10.14.2016by: Droz

Kate Beckinsale is in NYC, rehearsing scenes for her new movie THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK. Someone should tell her it's not nice to distract people from their work like she is here. You got her costar there, probably trying to remember his lines and do whatever the scene calls for. Meanwhile, Kate's doing things with her lower half wrapped up in super tight leggings, with just a slight amount of see thru giving us a hint at her panties preference. That's gotta violate some SAG bylaw or something. How the hell is a healthy, heterosexual man supposed to get anything done when Kate's showing off her ass like this? And what about innocent passersby? I'm amazed there weren't guys stepping into the path of MTA buses or something, due to the impossible to ignore sight of Kate's butt in this kind of attire. Girl is practically a public threat in a getup like that. All you poor, hapless males in NYC better look out. Kate is there and she's got Lycra. You're putting your lives in jeopardy trying to navigate your city's streets with that kind of distraction around.

Source: NSFW


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