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Kate Beckinsale; sheer top and short skirt for fine dining

08.10.2015by: No Cool Handle

When I see hotties like Kate Beckinsale (one of the hottest Hollywood has to offer) leaving a five-star restaurant in a sheer top, it begs the question - is there a new unwritten dress code for fine dining only the elites are aware of? They're either wearing plunging shirts with no bra, or in Kate Beckinsale's case, a see through shirt revealing her bra. It makes me think of that old movie cliché where the average Joe attends a posh restaurant only to be made to put on a complementary jacket the establishment has on standby for such a circumstance. Nowadays when an attractive woman enters the establishment wearing a turtleneck are they greeted with a - "Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in this mam?" Then handed a garment that exposes flesh or underwear. If that's the case I just want to express my full support for this new aged standard.

Source: hawtcelebs


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