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Kat Graham's moist cleavage in Mane Addicts Mane Muse Editorial 2015

09.23.2015by: No Cool Handle

She's hot, she's wet and she's got my attention -- Kat Graham everybody. The Swiss, Jewish, Liberian brought her exotic sexiness to that editorial in the title with the needlessly long-winded name. In case anybody cares, the last season of Vampire Diaries starts on the CW in couple weeks. I'm assuming these photos are just one stop in the promotional rounds being made by the cast. I can only hope when this show finally leaves its prime time slot, this steamy pretend witch doesn't disappear into obscurity with it. Why can't she get her own spin-off where instead of indulging in 14-year-old girls supernatural fantasies, they indulges in 14-year-old boys supernatural fantasies. 

On his first day of attending college, a socially awkward young male is sitting in his botany class when all of a sudden he is drawn to a sexy, implausibly outcast female. There's something "different" about her, and after about 10 or 15 plot contrivances the two of them struggle with abstaining from a forbidden romance. You see, she's really a witch who draws her power from the energy produced by the young male libido. Throughout the next 11 seasons they'll need to figure out how to copulate just enough so not to kill our male protagonist. Sort of a supernatural 'She Gotta Have It'.

Extra Tidbit: "I'd see that movie." "I'd buy the goddamn DVD!"
Source: Got Celeb


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