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Kat Graham spent an entire evening changing into sexy outfits

04.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Somewhere in between the iHeart Radio Music Award Show arrival formalities and the press room, Kat Graham changed clothes. Where were all the paparazzi when that shit was going down? I suppose when you're on a network show that's closing out a 10 season run – even if it's something like Vampire Diaries – you can afford to have someone following you around with an extra set of intricate eveningwear, like the way Morris Day used to have one of his boys following him around with a full-bodied mirror. She looked equally awesome in each variation, showing a nice amount of cleavage and her flawless skin in the green dress, with the other outfit nicely complementing that bodacious, thick ass of hers. Have I ever mentioned how much iHeart Kat Graham's southern regions? – Because I do; she has the sexiest pair of thick thighs. Why couldn't she have changed clothes for a third time into something that showed those beauties off?

Source: NSFWNS4W


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