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Kat Graham's pokies can be clearly seen from afar

05.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

She's a hottie who's often seen being led about town by a clearly visible pair of pokies, but the sight of an unsupported Kat Graham never loses its sexy impact. Not only do those often protruding bits remind her which way is forward, they act as two tiny sundials, eliminating any need to carry a timepiece. Kat is a hottie biologically designed to keep perfect time – I'll bet she's never late to an appointment. For those of us whose job it is to keep tabs on lovely creatures such as she, they also act as homing beacons, grabbing our attention the way a shark is attracted to the flickering glint from a metallic object. Even though The Vampire Diaries has just finished an 8 season run, we'll be seeing more from Kat Graham throughout 2017, of that you can be sure. She's playing Jada Pinkett Smith in the Tupac biopic ALL EYES ON ME and is long overdue for a bikini-clad vacation. God willing, that will happen sooner rather than later.

Source: Hawt Celeb


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