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Kat Graham has every right to show off some of her flawless skin

06.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

There could be several reasons why Kat Graham showed up at The Four Seasons looking as fine as ever - the truth is, it hardly matters - in my overactive imagination, the circumstances were exceptionally lurid. When speaking of the CW hottie, it's only natural (if not unavoidable) to focus on that luscious lump she calls an ass - everyone has an ass, Kat has a magical object, capable of inducing a state of hypnosis on those who lay eyes upon it. Instead of reiterating my desire to replace my goose feather pillow with her tush as the cushy cradle to lay my head, I'm going to acknowledge another one of her awesome features; no, not her deliciously thick thighs, although, besides on a pillow, clamped between those babies is another preferable spot for my head. I'm talking about the largest organ of all... her flawless skin. It's a glowing bit of smooth terrain that begs to be thoroughly explored by eager fingertips. Keep up the midriff/leg show Ms. Graham; the more of your exceptional flesh showing, the better.

Source: egotastic


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