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Kat Graham giving Santa what he wants for Christmas

11.19.2015by: No Cool Handle

Is it just me or is there an unjust amount of interest in Kat Graham? I had to do a lot of clicking before I came across these set of photos that are worthy of much more recognition; not buried deep among lesser candids. I know everybody has their own taste; but is the opinion that this sexy CW star walks around with a pair of the juiciest thighs out there contested by anybody? This girl is almost always wearing something super hot thus and so looking super hot. I honestly don't know who I'm more jealous of: The The St. Nick impersonator, or the little Chihuahua who undoubtedly gets to curl up against her on a daily basis. Did I mention how awesome her thighs look? – because they do. I'd go so far as to wager that shit eating grin on jolly old Santa's face is caused by him imagining part of those perfect legs brushing by his Christmas balls. He probably can't get the thought of coming down her chimney only to be greeted by her naked self holding milk and cookies out of his mind... I know I can't.

Source: popoholicJust Jared


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